Each Crosby Scholar is required to attend one Crosby Academy each school year. In addition to attending Crosby Academy, Juniors must also attend 1 Mandatory Rising Senior Meeting. Learn more here.


2016-17  11th Grade Academies 

Rising Senior Meetings 

  1. Junior Academy A      Sunday, Aug. 28 at 5 -7 PM           Livingstone College
  2. Junior Academy B      Saturday, Sept. 10 at 10-12 PM     Livingstone College
  3. Junior Academy C      Saturday, Sept. 17 at 1-3 PM        Livingstone College
  4. Rising Senior Meeting     Monday, Mar. 6 at 7 PM         MLK Civic Center
  5. Rising Senior Meeting     Wednesday, Mar. 8 at 7 PM    MLK Civic Center
  6. Rising Senior Meeting     Tuesday, Mar. 28 at 7 PM      MLK Civic Center

Please contact Allison Lee, High School Program Coordinator, if you have any additional questions.



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