College Fair / College Visit Requirement

High School students now have two options to meet this requirement. You may either attend 1 college fair OR visit 4 different colleges admission sessions. 

College Fair: Please take this form with you to the college fair. If you choose to attend a College Fair, we ask that you meet with 4 college representatives and ask each rep to sign your form verifying your conversation. If you attend the Rowan County College Fair, you must submit this form at the Crosby Scholars table before leaving the fair. If you attend a different college fair where a Crosby representative is not in attendance, you must submit this form to the Crosby Scholars office with 72 hours. You are not required to stay for the entire college fair.

ROWAN COUNTY COLLEGE FAIR sponsored by the Carolina Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (CACRAO), the Rowan County College Fair features representation from both public and private universities and colleges, including many University of North Carolina system campuses, Virginia Military Institute, University of South Carolina, Wofford College, Mars Hill University, Liberty University and The Citadel, as well as community and technical colleges - more than 85 in all. 

The fair will run from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 28th, in Goodman Gymnasium at Catawba College.  Admission to the 2018 Rowan County College Fair is free and no pre-registration is required.  We hope to see you there!         

Click Here for Additional Information on the Rowan County College Fair


College Visits: Please take this form with you to your college visits. If you choose to visit colleges, we ask that you visit 4 college campuses. Upon attending the admission session, ask the admissions representative to sign your form verifying your attendance. After attending the fourth school and collecting all signatures, you must submit this form immediately to the Crosby Scholars office. (A signed letter from each school on college letterhead detailing the date of your admissions visit will also suffice.) Email to or upload documents to your Crosby student portal.

Feel free to take advantage of college tours provided through Crosby Scholars, your school, or other organizations! These visits count, as well as visiting campuses with your family.

We recommend you complete this requirement prior to your senior year! Once you submit your form to our office, we will update your requirement status in your Crosby portal. To check your requirement status in your portal, log in to your Crosby portal and click My Status. If you see "No" beside PSOS/College Fair, then you must participate in a college fair or campus visits and submit a form!



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