Community Service Opportunities

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2018-19 Community Service Deadline

12th grade: January 31, 2019

6th-11th grade: March 15, 2019

Download the new form, volunteer now & submit your hours!

What is the Crosby Scholars community service requirement?

  • Each school year, every Crosby Scholar is required to complete a minimum of 2 hours of community service. 
  • This service should be performed through a non-profit organizationof your choice
  • This volunteer work can be fulfilled individually or in groups, like certain church activities, scouts, school clubs or civic organizations. If you have a hard time finding a community service project, remember - volunteering at school for a teacher is a wonderful way to meet this requirement.

What won't qualify as community service?

  • Do not volunteer with a for-profit business, store, etc. That type of work is an internship experience, rather than community service.
  • Do not volunteer at home or for a family member.
  • Babysitting does not meet the requirement. 
  • Being a member in a club or organization will not count as community service. However, time spent participating in an activity as a member of this organization could meet the requirement. (For example, being a member of a choir or band would not count, but if this group goes to a nursing home to sing or participates in another type of community service activity - those hours would count.)
  • Regular weekend church participation in activities like Sunday School, Acolyting, Ushering, etc. would not count. However, volunteering through the church in the community could count. For example, participating in events like a Trunk-or-Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving meal, Operation Christmas Child, or other community outreach event would count. 
  • Cleaning someone's home, yard or street will not count, unless that individual is unable to care for their property because he/she is elderly or severely disabled and therefore unable to tend to the work themselves. (For safety and accountability, we ask that students volunteer through established non-profit organizations.)
  • Students cannot receive compensation of any kind for volunteer work.

If you have questions as to whether your community service idea meets the requirements for the Crosby Scholars Program, please contact our office, by calling 704-762-3512 or emailing.

What is the deadline for turning in my community service form?

The deadline for 2018-19 school year for Rowan County Crosby Scholars:
12th grade: January 31, 2019
6th-11th grade: March 15, 2019

Where can I find a community service form & how do I turn it in?

Download a form here.

Or pick up a copy in your school's guidance office. Please complete the form and return it to your guidance office or directly to the Crosby Scholars office by the deadline, via fax, mail, or e-mail. You can also upload your form to the student portal.

Why participate in community service?

Community service/volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community by sharing your talents and skills with those around you. Our community is stronger and better when people reach out and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Volunteering is also a great way to learn more about yourself, your community and what you would like to do and the person you would like to be.
For example, if you are interested in the medical profession, try volunteering at a nursing home or hospital to get an idea of your future career.

What are some ideas for community service?

Volunteer your time on campus.

  • Ask teachers if they could use your help during your lunch or after school. Your Guidance Office might have some projects that you can help with. Even volunteer at Open Houses or Registration events. There are many ways to help at your school or other schools!

Help out with a 5K Run or Walk-A-Thon.

  • Throughout the year, there are a number of local walk-a-thons that you can participate in. You can help set up and facilitate the event, or you can raise support and walk!

Be a mentor/tutor.

  • There are many after-school programs that you could help out with by being a mentor to elementary school students. You can read to students or even help tutor them.

Participate in volunteer activities with a civic/church volunteer activities.

  • Students who volunteer with their scout troop, church youth group, or other civic group are able to get involved in their community and work with a group.

Volunteer through a nursing home.

  • Senior adults love to interact with teens and there are many ways to do so in any of our local nursing homes, from adopting a grandparent to reading aloud. Or, get in contact with the local VA hospital for volunteer ideas.

Serve at a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or food pantry.

  • Help prepare meals, organize shelves, collect/distribute food, and much more!

Go on a missions trip.

  • Whether local or foreign, consider reaching out to people in need and lending a helping hand through a church or civic group.

Need more ideas? Check out the list at the top of the screen of local organizations that have on-going openings for volunteers.


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