Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about Crosby Scholars. If you have other questions, that aren't answered below or in our website, please contact us!

What is Crosby Scholars?

The Crosby Scholars Program is a free college access program available to students enrolled in Rowan-Salisbury Schools. It is designed to help public middle and high school students prepare academically, personally, and financially for college enrollment.


Who can participate?

Any 6th through 10th grade student who is enrolled in a public school in Rowan County that submits an application by the deadline will be accepted into the Program. If students meet all yearly requirements, they will remain in the program through High School graduation.


How much does it cost?

There is no fee. This is a free program available to public middle and high school students enrolled in Rowan-Salisbury Schools.


How can I apply to the program?

Applications are accepted each year from August 15th-October 1st. Students should apply online by visiting our website. Make sure to fill out all fields and accept the Student Partnership Agreement and the Parent Partnership Agreement. 


When should I apply?

The online application is open annually from August 15th-October 1st. Students can apply when they are in 6th-10th grade. Students cannot apply in the junior or senior years.


Do I need to re-apply each year?

Students who apply and complete all the program requirements do not need to re-apply each year. These students will automatically stay in the program and need to continue to meet the requirements each year to remain active in the program.

If a student is dismissed from Crosby Scholars due to missing an Academy, failing to submit a community service form, or receiving an out-of-school suspension, he/she must re-apply to Crosby Scholars to get involved in the program the following year. A student can re-apply each year, except after the 10th grade year. Crosby Scholars must remain active from 10th grade through graduation by meeting all requirements, in order to graduate as a Crosby Scholar.


Why can't 11th & 12th grade students apply?

The Crosby Scholars program is designed for a commitment of a minimum of at least 3 years. We encourage students to join the program as early as 6th grade, but the last opportunity to become a Crosby Scholar is during the fall of his/her 10th grade year and then that student will continue in the program until high school graduation, as long as all yearly requirements are met.


Why should I join Crosby Scholars in Middle School?

It's never too early to start planning for college. Middle School is the halfway point to college. The choices students make during this critical time period can make it easier to attend college later. Participation in the program throughout middle school increases learning opportunities and encourages habits that may give Crosby Scholars an advantage over other college-bound students entering high school.


What are the requirements to remain in the Program?

  • Abide by the terms of the Partnership Agreement
  • Attend one Crosby Scholar Academy per school year
  • Submit a minimum of two hours of community service each school year
  • Do not receive an out-of-school suspension
  • Commit to remain drug free and agree to random drug testing (HS only)
  • Strive to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average
  • Attend one College Fair or 4 College Visits during High School
  • Senior Crosby Scholars have additional requirements


What will happen if I do not fulfill a requirement?

If a student does not meet a requirement, they will receive written notice that they have been dismissed from the Program and may not participate in program activities for the remainder of the school year. Students in grades 6-9 are encouraged to re-apply to the program the following school year.


What will middle school students do during the year?

  • Attend one Crosby Scholar Academy according to grade level
  • Perform at least two hours of community service and submit a community service form by the published deadline
  • Other optional activities may include Career Day, Rising 8th Grade College Tour, or social events


What will high school students do during the year?

  • Attend one Crosby Scholar Academy each year according to grade level
  • Perform at least two hours of community service each year and submit a community service form by the published deadline
  • Attend one College Fair or 4 College Visits while in High School
  • Optional activities include attending monthly Grade Advisor meetings to discuss topics that help students prepare for college, Junior College Tour, and social events and celebrations
  • Seniors have additional requirements


What is considered community service?

Community service is volunteer work that benefits the community and its citizens. It can be fulfilled through non-profit organizations like church activities, scouts, school clubs or civic organizations. 

Go to the community service tab on this website for community service ideas and a downloadable community service form.

Good Examples

  • Helping a teacher at school
  • Tutoring younger students
  • Reading buddies program
  • Help at the Soup Kitchen
  • Visit with the elderly in nursing homes
  • Participation in Walks to raise money or awareness for illnesses or medical conditions
  • Campus clean up at your school
  • Volunteer service through Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth groups, school groups, etc.

Unacceptable Examples

  • Babysitting
  • Work for family members
  • Work at for-profit businesses even though you are not paid
  • Donations – like donating clothes or canned food is not enough, unless you put in hours to organize a drive
  • School performances such as band, chorus, orchestra, plays, etc.
  • Church participation during weekly worship services like ushering, etc.
  • Cleaning someone's house, yard, or street


When is the Community Service deadline?

The 2016-17 Community Service deadline for 6th-11th graders is March 15th. The deadline for seniors is January 31st.


Where can I find a Community Service form?

Community service forms are available online or in your guidance office. You can download a copy of the form here: Community Service form.


How do I turn in my Community Service form?

Students can submit their community service form to their school's guidance office or directly to the Crosby Scholars office through either fax, e-mail, mail or physical drop-off:

  • Fax: 704-762-3513
  • E-mail: info@crosbyscholarsrowan.org
  • Address: 225 North Main Street, Suite 102, Salisbury, NC 28144


What are Grade Advisor Meetings?

Grade Advisor Meetings are held monthly 4 times a year for students in grades 9-11 at each high school. Meetings are held at the student’s school. A trained volunteer Grade Advisor and a member of the Crosby Scholars staff co-facilitate the group of students from a specific grade level to discuss topics focused on preparing students for the college admission process.

While meetings are not mandatory, students are strongly encouraged to attend. Attendance will be recorded and updated in the student's online account. Handout materials will be available at each meeting. If students are unable to attend, they can pick up the handout materials at the meeting location right after school. Grade Advisor Meetings are cancelled if school is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.


How does the random drug testing program work?

Crosby Scholars has partnered with ProMed to handle the administration of the random drug testing portion of our program. We will submit a list of all high school Crosby Scholars to ProMed. Each school year, ProMed will randomly select 10% of the Crosby Scholars student population to complete a random drug test at the school. The Crosby Scholars staff will not be notified which students were selected for testing. More information available here.


How do I apply for a Last Dollar Grant?

All students who successfully complete the Crosby Scholars Program in the senior year with a 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average are eligible to apply for a Crosby Scholar Last Dollar Grant. The application will be available online in the student portal. The application deadline is May 15. Students who complete the application and submit all required supporting documents will be considered for a Last Dollar Grant. Graduates of the program may receive the grant up to 4 times toward undergraduate study, if they continue to re-apply each year and meet the need-based criteria.


How can I contact the Crosby Scholars Program?

The easiest way to contact us is to call 704-762-3512 on Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm. Or, you can email us at info@crosbyscholarsrowan.org.

You can also connect with us online via Facebook and Twitter.


Where is the Crosby Scholars office located?

The Crosby Scholars office is located on the bottom floor of the F&M Professional center, across from the Rowan County Courthouse. Our physical address is:

225 North Main Street, Suite 102
Salisbury, NC 28144


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