The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) has an expansive website for students, parents, and educators to help plan, apply, and pay for college. Crosby Scholars recommends that all of our students open a free account as soon as possible and become familiar with all its resources.

Once you create your account, make sure to fully edit Your Profile by looking ahead and goal setting, filling out an activities resume, and more. You can even Add Connections - find and add us to your profile under Other: Rowan County Crosby Scholars.

We especially want you to check out the 'Learn About Yourself' section, under Plan for a Career. Here you will find many interactive surveys that will help you understand more about your personality, skills, abilities, and interests, in order to learn more about potential careers that may suit you.

  • Interest Profiler – find out your interests & match them to careers (10-20mins)
  • Career Cluster Survey – find out which career cluster is right for you (15-25mins)
  • Career Key – discover your career interest areas in a few quick steps (10-15mins)
  • Do What You Are – learn about your personality type (20-35mins)
  • Learning Style Inventory – find out how you learn best (15-25mins)
  • Basic Skills Survey – find out what careers require your basic skills (10-15mins)
  • Transferable Skills Checklist – See how the skills you’ve learned can lead to new opportunities (30mins)
  • Work Values Sorter – find your work values and match them to career options (5-15mins)
  • Ability Profiler – find out what careers suit your abilities (60-90mins)

Click below to access the program in your area

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