Seniors ~ This is it!

Welcome to the Crosby Scholars Senior Program. A high school junior who has successfully completed the requirements of their Junior year in Crosby Scholars, including attending a Mandatory Rising Senior Meeting is eligible to become a senior Crosby Scholar. 

The first step of the Senior Program begins during the summer before Senior year, when each Senior will meet with his/her Senior Advisor for your first 1:1 Senior Advisor Meeting. Scholars who do not attend this meeting are dismissed from the program in their senior year. At this meeting, Scholars formulate a plan for senior year for college admission. 

As an active participant in the senior program, Scholars are required to continue to comply with the Student Partnership Agreement and Random Drug Screening Program as well as complete the program requirements outlined in their Crosby portal, like attending Crosby Scholars Academies and submitting a Community Service Form. Additionally, Seniors are required to meet monthly with their one-on-one Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor. Seniors who complete the Program receive a special designation on their transcript and their graduation program. They are also honored at a Senior Gala reception held in the Spring and given the opportunity to apply for a Last Dollar Grant scholarship.

Here is a list of links to helpful college planning tools and resources:

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