Freshmen ~ Setting Sights on College

Now that you are in high school, you are truly laying the foundation for your future! Decisions you make in 9th grade ~ classes in which you enroll ~ grades you achieve ~ do matter!  In fact, your official High School transcript starts now. Research finds 9th grade a crucial year to student sucess.

Students who were involved in Crosby Scholars in their 8th grade year and met all requirements are automatically enrolled in the program in 9th grade. New students interested in enrolling in Crosby Scholars can submit an application online between August 15th-October 1st. 

As a Crosby Scholar, you have made the decision to prepare for college enrollment. We want to help you achieve this goal. As a 9th grade Crosby Scholar, you will participate in Crosby Academy, as well as community service and have the opportunity to attend Grade Advisor meetings. This year, we also have a special fall college tour planned to UNC Charlotte College. (Space is limited. Parent Permission Form is required.)

Additionally, here are some tips from to start off your high school career and get you on the right track for college. 

  • Involve your family as your support system.
  • Meet and get to know your high school guidance counselor.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities, both in school and out of school.
  • Pick the right mix of classes to make sure you are on track for graduation and the path you want to take after high school.
  • Study hard! Make sure your GPA gets off to a great start.
  • Start saving for college!
  • Explore your interests and skills by participating in career days or taking online surveys that can help point you to possible careers.
  • Start an activities resume to keep track of your sports, clubs, activities, awards, community service, and everything you do.
  • Begin researching information about different colleges and universities.
  • Sign up for summer camps and enrichment programs whenever you can.

There are numerous helpful websites and online resources available to assist you in your college search and planning. Here are just a few...



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