2016-2017 Special Programs

This year, our 8th graders were able to participate in a county Career Fair sponsored by RSS CTE. There were over 20 employers represented. Students were able to learn what today's employers are interested in and require of an employee. Before 8th graders head off to high school (what we sometimes refer to as "GPA land"), they received a CAB reminder from Middle School Coordinator, Michelle Strong. Ms. Strong reminded scholars to take their mental CAB to high school and be mindful of this mental CAB when making choices.

Compass... remember their direction/goals.

Accountability... remember their responsibilities.

Boundaries... remember to make and keep them.

2015-2016 Special Programs

This year, our new Middle School Program Coordinator, Michelle Strong, will be visiting each campus regularly to help develop and foster meaningful connections with our students. The Crosby Scholars program will continue to offer special opportunities to help maintain interest from students in Middle School. Mrs. Strong already facilitated the Crosby Scholars Game of Life this year to all RSS 6th graders in Health/PE. Mrs. Strong also worked with many interested 7th & 8th grade students to help fill out online enrollment applications before the October deadline. After enrollment season, a welcome event will be held for each middle school to celebrate the students who have joined the program. In November, career exploration trips for 8th grade students at Knox, North, and Erwin will be offered to Integro Technologies. More opportunities will be offered throughout the year.

2014-2015 Special Programs

The Crosby Scholars program developed several special programs to increase engagement with Middle School students. From College Week at Knox & North, to Career Exploration trips for China Grove, Corriher-Lipe, & Southeast, and even a Crosby Scholars Game of Life event that was presented to each Middle School health class to help students understand the connection between choices and consequences. At Erwin Middle and West Rowan, we offered fun college related activities in conjunction with the school Career Week.

2013-2014 Special Programs

During the 2013-2014 academic year, Crosby Scholars facilitated a pilot program at Knox Middle School called Why Try. Once a week, during health class, a facilitator from the Crosby Scholars program leads discussion, activities, and administers material on character development, career exploration, and goal setting. For more information about the curriculum, visit WhyTry.org.


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