Crosby Scholars accepts online applications from any Rowan-Salisbury School student in 6th-10th grade during the annual enrollment period of August 15th-October 1st. Each student who applies is automatically enrolled in the program. 

The Crosby Scholars program is designed for a commitment of a minimum of 3 years. We encourage students to join the program as early as 6th grade, but the last opportunity to become Crosby Scholars is at the beginning of their 10th grade year. Students will continue in the program through high school graduation, as long as yearly requirements are met.

Why join in middle school?

Participation in the program throughout middle school increases learning opportunities and encourages habits that provide Crosby Scholars and parents with needed information to prepare for high school. The Crosby Scholars program helps middle school students explore possibilities for their future and is an activity they can continue through high school graduation. Students who begin college planning early in middle school are more likely to graduate high school and enroll in college. For more information, visit the Middle School page.

What are the advantages to being a high school Crosby Scholar?

There are many reasons why students should be a Crosby Scholar. The program helps students understand and plan for the college admission, financial aid, and scholarship process. Each year, students are introduced to workshops, activities, and discussions that help them to better understand and prepare for the college search and college admission process. Crosby Scholars receive timelines and newsletters, attend Crosby Scholar Academies, and participate in community service. For more information, visit the Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, or Grade 12 page. 

As underclassmen, Crosby Scholars have the opportunity to meet 4 times a year in groups with a volunteer advisor. These group mentoring meetings are held at the school and are a place of discussion and for activities focused on college preparation. During their senior year, Crosby Scholars receive one-on-one college advisory services through the college admission and financial aid process. The program assists students in navigating the ever-changing and challenging world of college admissions. 

Each school has a staff member who serves as the Crosby Scholars liaison for that particular school. Typically, the liaison is a member of the Student Counseling Services (Guidance) office. 



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