Senior Year is here. We are here to help.

The Rowan County Crosby Scholars Community Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students in public middle and high schools in Rowan County prepare academically,, personally, and financially for college admission and other post-secondary opportunities best suited to a student's needs, aptitudes and dreams. Rowan's program is modeled after the successful program in Forsyth County, which has a 25+ year history of providing academic training, financial aid and college access workshops, 1:1 advising and college tours. Our program launched in Rowan County in 2013.

Crosby Scholars is here to guide Seniors through the challenges and celebrations of Senior Year.
To graduate high school as a Crosby Scholars Senior, students must:

Agree to random drug-screening

Perform 2+ hours of Community Service

Fulfill the terms of the Partnership Agreement (out of school suspension is cause for dismissal)

Have attended a college fair/career fair or visit 4 college campuses

Attend 1:1 Senior Advisor meetings

Attend at least 2 Senior Academies

Maintain enrollment in and graduate from a Rowan-Salisbury public school

Mary Allen Conforti, Senior Advisor Consultant,

(704) 762-3512

  • What is a Senior Advisor?

    Senior Advisors help address the specific needs of students through Senior year.

    Senior Advisors aid the student with:

    • Confirm target list of colleges
    • Discuss Early Action/Early Decision/Regular Decision application plans
    • Review SAT/ACT results and discuss additional testing
    • Review admission/scholarship essays
    • Navigate the financial aid process, including identifying scholarship opportunities monitor completion of Senior Program requirements
    • Meeting deadlines and communicating with colleges as necessary

    Each senior will be assigned a Senior Advisor by the Crosby Scholar staff. 

    Advisors will meet with Senior once a season:

    1. Rising Senior Summer
    2. Senior Fall
    3. Senior Winter
    4. Senior Spring
  • Who are the Senior Advisors?

    Community members recruited and trained by Crosby staff

    Advisors will have at least a Bachelor’s Degree

    Advisors agree to confidentiality contracts

    Advisors may offer expertise in a number of fields, but all
    are versed in college admissions and financial aid practices

  • How does this work?

    Primarily, Senior Advisors will meet with their Seniors at their high school during the school day or during non-class time (ex: lunch).

    Senior Advisors will also be available via email, text or other
    methods if the Senior needs assistance.

    Some meetings may need to be scheduled off-site but will always be in a public setting with WiFi access such as the public library.

    We offer a stipend for Senior Advisors based on their student caseload, though we do ask for a full academic year commitment.

  • What does a Senior Advisor do?
    • Help Seniors clarify their goals
    • Assist with narrowing Senior’s target school list
    • Assist with timeline and organization to keep Seniors on track for applications
    • Remind Seniors of Crosby Senior Year requirements
    • Encourage and support!
    • Offer feedback on essays
    • Recommend resources for test prep, college search, financial aid & more
    • Inform students on financial aid processes & answer questions
    • Connect Seniors to other resources for success (FAQs, test fee waivers, Net Price Calculators, CFNC, etc.)
  • Interested in Becoming a Senior Advisor?

    We are currently seeking Senior Advisors; if you are interested in becoming one please click here and complete the interest form. 

    Thank you!