College Program

How does a college Crosby Scholar remain active in the Program?

College Crosby Scholars are asked to continue their participation in the Program at the collegiate level by submitting their grades and completing a survey following each semester of college enrollment. The purpose of submitting this information is to allow the Crosby Scholars Program to track the progress of students and determine grade eligibility for Last Dollar Grant scholarships.

College Student Resources:
Opportunities for college students to assist and support Crosby Scholars:
  • We want each Crosby Scholar to be the best possible student. By entering college and demonstrating good citizenship, remaining drug-free, striving for academic success, and serving the community, former Scholars demonstrate the success of the Program. College Crosby Scholars pave the way for future Crosby Scholars through their own achievement.
  • We encourage college Crosby Scholars to come back and volunteer as mentors, panelists and advisors to our current Crosby Scholars.
  • We invite you to support the Program with a financial contribution of any size you can. This contribution, no matter the amount, shows the public the students who directly benefited from the Program put a high value on their experience, and they want its continued availability to students in the Rowan Salisbury School System.