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The key to the college admission process is to stay organized.  Seniors should maintain a calendar and follow the timelines below.  Seniors will receive a monthly reminder in their student portal to follow the timeline. Each month beginning in August, we will post a timeline to guide you through the month’s activities. This guide will help you to stay organized.
Follow the Crosby Scholars Senior Program on Twitter @Crosby_Sr2018.
Read December issue of DestinationCollege2018.
Prepare for December 2nd SAT and/or December 9th ACT, if taking either.
Take December 2nd SAT and/or December 9th ACT, if necessary.
Confirm schedule for spring semester: verify with your counselor that you are enrolled in the classes necessary to meet all requirements for graduation.
Continue to submit admission applications in time to meet deadlines.
Complete the FAFSA, if you have not already.
Review your high school’s scholarship bulletin, and apply for scholarships.
Review the scholarship application process for the Winston-Salem Foundation. The applications will go live January 1.
Complete two hours of community service, and submit community service form to our office.
Check e-mail and student portal at least weekly.
Complete Crosby Senior Academy Requirement.
Participate during Crosby Senior Academy #17B Scholarships: Seeking Additional Funding for your Education WEBINAR on December 7th.
Participate during Crosby Senior Academy #18 Taking a Gap Year WEBINAR on December 12th.
Complete online academy, CSA #7 Financial Basics for High School and Beyond.
Meet with your Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor to catch up on any outstanding Conference Notes.