COVID-19 and College Enrollment

March and April are important months in the admission process. Admissions offices are typically busy hosting events and interacting with students to help them make enrollment decisions. And, students are typically busy visiting college campuses, attending admitted student events, and interacting with admission reps to help them make the BIG enrollment decision.
The current uncertainty surrounding every aspect of college admission and enrollment is disconcerting to all of us.  In an effort to share current, correct information, we will use this space to direct you to resources that we trust to help you through this time. Remember, the Crosby Scholars Program staff is available to support you.
  • Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor Meetings: Your senior advisor will continue to contact you to answer questions or address your concerns. You are welcome to contact your advisor and always feel free to email for assistance.
  • Updates on Deposit Deadlines: The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has created a College Admission Status Update Tool for a searchable list of schools that have extended their deposit deadline beyond May 1, along with information on whether they are open for admission visitors and/or if they are hosting admission events.  Please check this source regularly to stay informed about colleges where you have applied or were thinking of visiting this spring. If you cannot make an enrollment decision by May 1 and the schools to which you have been admitted have not extended this enrollment deadline, send a written request asking for a deadline extension beyond May 1. 
  • Updates on Admitted Student Activities: Although many college admission and financial aid offices are closed and are not hosting visitors, we strongly encourage you to reach out to them via email and phone.  You should not have difficulty locating contact information on the school’s website. On-campus admitted student activities will not happen this spring, so participate in virtual programming to help you make your enrollment decision. 
  • Updates on Campus Tours: Most college campuses are closed this spring for campus visits, as an alternative, be sure to participate in virtual tours that many colleges offer.  Crosby Scholars understands that a virtual visit is nothing like a feet-on-the-ground campus tour, and we urge you to embrace the best option that colleges can offer at this time.
  • Updates on Financial Aid Awards: Once you receive your student financial aid awards, review each one carefully. Use the tools we have provided to compare awards. If you are facing additional financial hardships due to COVID-19, reach out to financial aid offices to discuss your student financial aid awards and explain your hardship to each office.
    • Additional Resources regarding Financial Aid and COVID-19:

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