12th Grade

High School Crosby Scholars

How does the Crosby Scholars Program assist 12th grade students?

  • Offers academic and personal growth workshops
  • Provides opportunities to participate in community service activities
  • Introduces students to local college campuses and career exploration
  • Encourages a drug-free lifestyle
  • Recognizes students who complete Program requirements annually
  • Invites students to be leaders and develop leadership skills through ACTION

What is required of 12th grade Crosby Scholars each school year?

  1. Attend one Rising Senior Orientation.
  2. Register and attend one Crosby Scholars Academy or Lab.
  3. Complete at least two hours of community service and submit a community service form before January 31st.
  4. Attend one College Fair or visit four college campuses and submit form.
  5. Meet with your Senior Advisor regularly.
  6. Maintain good citizenship by not receiving out-of-school suspension.


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