ACTION aims to cultivate character, engagement, and networking skills among Crosby Scholars.

At the heart of the program are the Leaders in ACTION who represent Crosby Scholars in each school across Rowan County. Leaders are encouraged to take ownership of their education and personal development. They are empowered to become actively involved in their school and community, fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership. By participating in various service projects, extracurricular activities, and community initiatives, students not only enhance their character but contribute to growing Crosby Scholars. Students have the opportunity to engage with mentors, professionals, and like-minded peers, expanding their social and professional circles. These networking experiences open doors to new possibilities, career exploration, and future opportunities.

ACTION is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who possess leadership, involvement, ownership, and networking skills. By investing in the development of our student leaders, we aim to shape a future generation that is actively engaged, responsible, and connected to their communities. Together, we can empower students to make a positive impact and achieve their fullest potential by taking ACTION!

Program Overview

ACTION Program Flyer