The Grade Advisor program was established to offer each underclassman Crosby Scholar the opportunity to meet with a volunteer advisor during the spring semester of each school year. Grade Advisor assignments are based on the scholar's grade and high school. 

Grade Advisor meetings are monthly group meetings. Topics discussed at Grade Advisor meetings prepare scholars for the college admissions process. Scholars are required to register online to attend meetings #1 (pizza party) and #4/5 (End-of-Year celebration) only. Online registration is not required to attend meetings #2 and #3.

Meetings are held after school, at school, and last approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Meeting dates are posted and announced at the high schools in addition to being emailed to scholars. Meeting dates are also posted on the homepage of this website. Scholars can check the Crosby board at their high school and listen to or read the announcements for meeting information. 

Attendance is taken at each meeting and is recorded in our office. To be excused from a meeting, a scholar is to stop by the meeting to pick up the handouts and to notify the advisor that he/she cannot attend the meeting.  The handouts are posted on our website at the end of each month for those scholars who were unable to stop by the meeting to receive the handout. Meetings are only rescheduled if school is closed or after school activities are cancelled by the school.


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