The Last Dollar Challenge Campaign purpose is to raise $1 million to support the Rowan County Crosby Scholars Community Partnership. A Last Dollar Grant is funding that closes the gap between college cost and the financial aid package. Crosby Scholars awards need-based grants up to $1,000 per year to qualified Crosby Scholars. Students must graduate from high school with a cumulative weighted GPA of 2.0 or higher, successfully complete all program requirements, and demonstrate unmet financial need after federal financial aid has been determined. Students may reapply for up to four years of undergraduate study.


In 2016, the Program was able to award
Last Dollar Grants to 56 students. 



Last Dollar Challenge Campaign Commitment Levels:

$50,000 for 4 years for a total of $200,000
$25,000 for 4 years for a total of $100,000
$15,000  for 4 years for a total of $60,000
$10,000 for 4 years for a total of $40,000
$5,000  for 4 years for a total of $20,000
$3,000 for 4 years for a total of $12,000
$2,000 for 4 years for a total of $8,000
$1,000  for 4 years for a total of $4,000
$250 for 4 years for a total of $1,000

Pledges can be made payable over a 4 year period. Make checks payable to Rowan County Crosby Scholars and send gifts to:

Rowan County Crosby Scholars
225 North Main Street, Suite 102
Salisbury, NC 28144

To donate by credit card, please use our secure PayPal account. 

100% of donations will be used to fund Rowan County Crosby Scholars. The Rowan County Crosby Scholars Community Partnership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

For Planned Giving, Stock, Memorials, In-Kind Donations, and Named Scholarship giving, please contact the Executive Director of Rowan County Crosby Scholars, Jennifer Canipe at 704-762-3512 or  Please share your name, the name of the stock, and the number of shares so that we may properly value and acknowledge your gift.  If your gift is to be used for a special purpose or is given in honor or memory of someone, please inform us.  Thank you!

  • Delivery Instructions for DTC Eligible Securities
  • ACCOUNT NAME: Rowan County Crosby Scholars
  • DTC #: 0702
  • ACCOUNT #: 6874-4022
  • Broker: BB&T Scott & Stringfellow

A Special Thank You to The Rowan County Crosby Scholars Community Partners!


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