Life beyond middle or high school might seem far away right now, but the choices you make today will affect your future. Have you ever played The Game of Life? This popular board game poses the question, "Where will your choices take you in LIFE?" One of the first decisions in the game (after choosing the color of your car), is to decide what to do after you graduate high school. You have two options: either start college or start a career. 

Researchers estimate that on average, an individual who completes college and receives at least a Bachelors degree earns over $1 million more in their lifetime than an individual without a degree. The choice of whether to attend college should be an easy one. However, many students who say they want to go to college don't know how to get there. That's where Crosby Scholars comes in. We want to help students in Rowan County public schools prepare for college and have the most possible opportunities for success in life!

We invite all eligible RSSS students to join the Crosby Scholars program! The commitment to become a Crosby Scholar is a positive one! Being a Crosby Scholar means that you desire to pursue a life of learning, beyond high school; that you are someone of strong character and dedication, who follows through on your commitments; that you demonstrate good citizenship and helpful service to your community; that you strive to do your best and make right decisions; that you have big hopes and dreams for your future and are willing to put in the effort needed to pursue them. The Crosby Scholars program is a strong support system to help you achieve all these possibilities. 

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