·   Read the October senior e-newsletter from Crosby Scholars

·   Check your e-mail and Crosby portal regularly for important program updates

·   Schedule your October meeting with your Senior Advisor before November 3rd

·   Review the list of remaining Senior Academy dates and make sure you attend 2 this year to fulfill the Academy requirement

·   Complete 2 hours of community service and submit your community service form to our office by the January 31st deadline

·   Check your College Fair requirement status in the Crosby portal and attend the October 29th fair if you have not yet met this requirement


College Entrance Exams

·   Register for November 7th SAT at by October 9th, if you plan to take it

·   Prepare for October 3rd SAT, if taking it

·   Prepare for October 24th ACT, if taking it

·   Report your newest scores to Crosby Scholars when they arrive


Colleges & Apps

·   Continue to review application questions and supplements for schools on your target list through the common application, CFNC, or other electronic apps

·   Confirm your early decision/early action application plans

·   Request official transcripts from your school to accompany college applications – research requesting electronic transcripts on CFNC

·   Request official test scores to be sent directly to your schools, if you haven’t yet

·   Continue to identify what documents are required vs. optional to complete each admission application

·   Continue working on drafts of application essays, if required at the colleges on your target list (and submit essays for review to Crosby Scholars, if you choose)

·   Continue to submit admission applications in time to meet deadlines – don’t be late

And More!

·   Meet with admissions reps who visit your school -- have an unofficial copy of your transcript to share

·   Review special campus visitation days at schools on your target list

·   Visit your top choice schools

·   Review your high school’s scholarship bulletin and apply for scholarships

·   Keep working hard in school – this year matters!

·   Stay organized so that you can enjoy your senior year, too

·   Notify us of any special recognitions you receive - we want to share in your successes

·   When you make your college choice, update your college name in the Crosby portal



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