‘Possibilities without limits’ Crosby Scholars tour local agencies

By Post Education

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rowan County Crosby Scholars is finding creative ways to ensure each student has exposure to the idea of education beyond high school. Throughout Nov. the organization partnered with local companies to expose scholars to potential careers through career exploration trips.

“These tours are important because exposure is invaluable,” Michelle Strong, Crosby Scholars middle school program coordinator said. “Exposure opens our students’ minds to the possibilities of what they can achieve.”

Eighth grade students from Knox, North Rowan, and Erwin middle schools gained insight into workforce development with Integro Technologies. A tour of the facility showed students the many careers they could choose based on their academic paths.

Intergro Technologies President Shawn Campion spoke with students and stressed the importance of diversity in respect to job types, explaining that he needed a variety of specializations to help his company run efficiently.

“We believe that it is vital to reach out to the young people of our community,” Campion said. “We also want students and the community to know that cutting-edge technology careers are available right here in Rowan County.”

Students from West Rowan Middle had the opportunity to meet with a National Guard representative and tour the Rowan County Airport. They heard from Airport Director Thad Howell, a commercial pilot, on what it means to have a career in both aviation and the military.

As a second generation pilot, Howell described the advantages, experiences and rewards of being a pilot. Howell also encouraged young female students to continue pursuing and exploring careers traditionally encouraged for males. Students also heard from Major Potvin of the Army National Guard about serving their country as a career. From saving people to battling forest fires or rescuing others from floods, Potvin stated that his career gave him a satisfaction that no paycheck could provide.

With over 1,000 middle school scholars in their program, Crosby Scholars’ efforts to expose its students to the many career options available to them helps to prepare them for their futures, college and life.